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Epeax Enterprise Limited
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R&D Staff
More than 99
Machinery/Equipment for R&D
3-coordinate measuring machine
Steel components analyzer
CAD and CAM software such as UG, Pro/E, Catia and CAE
Chassis powertest machine
Engine endurance tester
Electric whirlpool power tester
Salt spray testing cabinet
Emission analyzer

Patents & Copyrights
Roller style clutch lift system (ZL032333846), for easier clutch operation.
Silent start shaft (ZL00222401.1)
Cylinder head gasket (03234945.9), new material, unique technique
Friction endurance engine with crystal valve cover (NO200420032516.6)
Dozens of design patents

Awards & Other Recognitions
Top 10 motorcycle brands in China (2004)
Hi-tech company in China
Fastest developing company in China's motorcycle field (2003-2004)
Gold prize in the Chinese motorcycle sticker design competition (2002-2003)
Most reliable product in China
National prime quality certificate

Chongqing Factory:Huaxi Industry Park,Banan District,Chongqing,China

Customer request
Market analysis
Feasibility study
Computerized design
Mold design
Mold production
Sample assembly
Road test
Register with the National Products catalog
CE and DOT certification
Batch production
Market testing
Mass production
In 2005, we will provide third party certifications for EC and DOT and other certifications that our customer may require. We also plan to develop products for different markets.

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